Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, Sandy....

Just in case anyone thinks I'm only obsessed with my dog, I feel the need to rant about one of my other favorite subjects. The Sandra Bullock and Jesse James drama. When this horrible story first broke, I was shocked, angry, and I have to say taking it pretty personally. I felt duped! I really believed they had something special. The guy sure looked like he was in love. And if someone can love a person and still do those awful things? Ouch.

I wasn't surprised when it was revealed she was going to divorce him. It would be pretty hard to look past that big of a betrayal. The baby adoption was very much a surprise, but power to her. I haven't read the People article yet, but damn rights I'm going to be streaking out tomorrow to buy a copy. But the thing that strikes me about the snippets that have been leaked, is her composure. It's great she's showing women can be strong, holding her head high, moving on as a single mom, embracing the new adventure etc. But does anybody else find it a little TOO calm? She mentions being sad and scared. Um, how about totally devastated? Okay, I get not wanting to pour your whole heart out to a magazine. But " sad" just seems like a major understatement.

Of course, we don't know how Sandra really is, and she needed to tell the world something, and sometimes announcing how you want to feel is the first step to actually moving toward that feeling. But I guess I wish she'd felt it was okay to be a little more open. Then again, after what she's been through, you can't blame a girl for having some trust issues.

PS: Somebody just made a very good point. Sandy was probably being careful about what she said, and how she said it, because her son might read this article one day. Not to mention Jesse's kids. Oh, yeah, forgot about that part:)

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