Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Movie Reviews

In the midst of all the recent doggie drama, husband and I have been watching a lot of movies this winter. I'm a huge movie fan and if I'm not walking the puppy, reading, writing, or eating, then movies are my favourite escape.

There are the ones you see just because you want to see something, but you know they're not going to be that great, so you're more forgiving when they, well, really aren't all that great. Then there are the ones that you heard amazing things about or saw a fabulous clip for, so you go all excited and pumped up and you're super disappointed. The depth of the disappointment being in direct relation to the height of your excitement. Over the next few days I'm going to give the low down on some that I enjoyed, or didn't enjoy, for various reasons.

First up: AVATAR. Huge raves, of course. Husband and I missed the first show we went to because we had no idea just how popular it was and it had already sold out. I was bitterly disappointed because I'd been looking forward to it all day ( between us, the popcorn was a big factor) and because when something is taken away from me I REALLY want it. But quick-thinking husband suggested we make it our Boxing Day event. It forced me to wait for a few days, but also made it more of a special occasion. Husband is so smart.
Again, we underestimated how many others were going the same day and ended up way in the front and to the side. Not so easy on your eyes, especially in 3D. But regardless, I enjoyed it. Storyline wise there were no shockers--plot was basic and full of predictable characters, but sometimes, you know, predictable can be nice. Visually ( 3d induced headache aside), it was beautiful and for the time that I was in that movie I was in another world. Isn't that why we go in the first place? To be transported.

On New Year's Eve we decided to see another movie SHERLOCK HOLMES. Again, we underestimated how many other people had the same idea--we'll get it right one of these days--but this time husband hunted down some great seats while I ensured we were loaded with popcorn, which was equally loaded with the perfect amount of butter. ( It's imperative you monitor the butter layering or half way down the bag you're eating Styrofoam) This movie, I hadn't heard a lot about and I didn't have a huge SHERLOCK HOLMES history, so I had no preconceived notions. But I think Robert Downey Junior is fantastic and he didn't disappoint.

There was a lot of action, some good comedic moments, and they did a great job of showing the friendship between Holmes and Watson. Unlike the normal "hey, pass me a beer and did you get laid last night" male stereotypical friendships that so often get portrayed in movies, they weren't afraid to take it to a different level, mainly around Sherlock's possessiveness, which in my opinion, made Sherlock more human and likable. I didn't think he had as much chemistry with Irene, the character played by Rachel McAdams. I got more of a kid sister vibe there then any real love interest. And it felt like the movie may have been a bit longer than necessary, but I was tired, so that may have added to my is-this-over-yet feeling. Mostly I enjoyed the scenes where Sherlock figured everything out brilliantly and the mystery was solved :) I wish life came together that easily sometimes!

Over the next couple of days I'll try to blog about a couple more we saw recently. DISTRICT NINE, ALL ABOUT STEVE, UP, HARRY POTTER, and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.

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