Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, Happy Day...

Today is a good day for a couple of reasons. First, the Dutch rights to STILL MISSING sold to De Bezige Bij, a fantastic publisher, who represents Karin Slaughter and James Patterson among many others. So I'm very excited about that. And I can finally enjoy last week's Czech and Slovak translation rights sale because Annie is feeling better!

When my baby is unhappy, I'm REALLY unhappy. Yesterday we went back to one of her vet's ( she has three, really more of a team at this point, but this clinic has mattresses instead of metal tables, which Annie thinks is pretty cool!), and added some new meds and got an acupuncture treatment. I thought there was NO way that was going to go over well. But she was a trooper. She gave me--and the needles in her legs--some funny looks, but she hung in there. My life has become a series of timers and pills and droppers ( I even had to make up a timetable) but if it helps my fur-child, I'll gladly do it all and more. Today the tide seems to have turned. Fingers ( and paws) crossed!

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