Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New Addiction

Considering I'm a former realtor, who didn't much enjoy her time as a realtor, you wouldn't think I'd want to spend an hour watching people buying houses, would yah? Well, I discovered this show called House Hunters, then I found House Hunters International! Maybe it's more enjoyable because I'm not the one pounding the pavement showing the same house twenty times to someone who later decides they are just going to rent for a year, but for whatever reason, I love this show. They, of course, only ever seem to have three to pick from, but I love placing bets on which one they'll choose. Will it be the fixer-upper, the one with the view, the pricey town home?

I especially like the international one because I get to see all these different homes in exotic locations. I find it fascinating, the different market values, the unique layouts of the homes depending on what each culture considers important. And with each one I play along mentally. Ooohh, it would be lovely to have a vacation home in Italy. I too could cook dinner parties and host them on the terrace overlooking my grape vines. ( Never going to happen, the cooking part.)

Or do I want that beach home in Malibu, but which to choose? The one with the ocean view for $45, 000 a month or the fully furnished one right on the beach for $ 75,000 a month? Suddenly I find myself crunching numbers, torn between my two new loves, feeling the pressure because someone else may make an offer that night. Crazy!

I still don't want to be a real estate agent, but I sure do miss looking at all the homes!

Hmm, maybe I should call my realtor.

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