Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Whose Fault Is It?

I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, mainly because I know I can't. Oh, sure I can rock it out a little, if there's enough Vodka bravery in me. But what those kids do? Not a chance.

This season I've started to notice something though. And this little something is starting to really ruffle my feathers. I know this because I've been yelling at the TV, always a clear sign something is bugging the crap out of me. Brilliant surmise, I know.

If a dance sucks, it's never the choreographer. NEVER. Instead these poor dancers, who've just busted their ass trying to turn what was clearly a lame routine into something worthy of riding the "Hot Tamale Train", stand there smiling eagerly while the judges tell them they didn't "commit " enough.

I get editing, I get feedback. I even get that these dancers need to take whatever they are given and rock it to the best of their ability. I also understand they need to learn how to take criticism. But COME ON.

Some of those dances were so dumb it would've taken a miracle to infuse them with life. Just once, I would love it if Nigel said, " Well, you weren't given much to work with,Italicbut you gave it your all."

Maybe they should make the choreographers have to compete as well. Let the people vote for their favourite! Bet that would keep things a lot more honest than this current vomit-worthy you-are-just-the-most- brilliant-choreographer-EVER love fest.

Two hip hop routines by the same choreographer get thumbs down from the judges, and you're telling me the dancers screwed up?


The dancers sure impress me, though. Because even though they must be tempted sometimes, not one of them has ever broken down and lipped off a judge. As writers, getting feedback can be hard, but at least we don't have to sit there on TV and smile about it.

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