Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet Annie

Dear friends--

I’m very sorry to share that on Tuesday night we had to let our beloved Annie go. She'd been bleeding internally for a while, from an unknown source, and her blood count had dropped. She was very pale and tired. We tried to give her a transfusion, but by the end of the day her blood count had dropped even lower, and it was time.

We had spent the whole day together in the exam room, cuddling on a blanket, her favorite stuffed monkey by her side, while she dozed or gazed out the window, just being with each other. My husband was also able to be with her in her final moments. I gave her a hug, she let out a little sigh, and the last thing she heard me say as she died in my arms was, “Do you want to go for a walk?” And then she was gone.

I cancelled my trip to NYC and we've been taking each day and moment as they come. But we are heartbroken. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in our lives. We have been touched by all the letters and messages. She was loved by so many.

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  1. So terribly sorry to read about your Annie. I saw your comment to Robin Spano on Twitter, and it made my heart lurch. I've had dogs most of my life... bred, trained, exhibited and loved Shelties for 35 years and am now owned by a wonderful black Lab... so I know how much a part of you they become. My sincere condolences.

    Carol J. Garvin