Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Chocolate, Hello Bikini

Well, it's the 1st of May, which means the good times are over. Okay, hopefully not ALL the good times, but my love affair with apple crisp, popcorn, and anything even vaguely resembling chocolate is.

I decided about a month ago that I'd start working out with my neighbor, who is a personal fitness trainer. May 1st seemed like a good start date because it was 8 weeks to summer. Years ago I hired a trainer and saw much better results than just going to the gym myself, and this year I really wanted to be in shape for the beach. Sitting at a computer all day is not exactly exercise and even though I walk Annie twice a day, those are casual strolls. She burns way more energy than me.

So I made a goal. The problem with that is I went completely nuts in the last couple of weeks and ate food I would never eat--and lots of it. I told husband that it was akin to getting drunk the night before you're going to rehab! The good news is that I ate so much bad food I kind of grossed myself out and now my body is screaming, "Please, no more grease!!" I'm actually looking forward to getting back into a routine, feeling my body change, buying new clothes!

Husband has been warned. Contraband food is not allowed past the doorway.The first couple of weeks of giving up anything are always the hardest. I feel sorry for husband because I'm pretty sure he was doling out sweets in self-defense. The man knows how to keep me sane! Something tells me he's going to be taking a lot of fishing trips in the next while :)


  1. Good luck with the new regime! I love trainers. I need more money so I can hire one again. :)

  2. Thanks, Maureen.

    Yeah, trainers are great. In a love/hate kind of way :)It is hard to hire one all the time, that's for sure. Sometimes it's good even just for a little while because it gets your motivation back. She's my neighbour so I figure it will cut down on my chances of making excuses. She can just knock on my door!